Dance Classes 

Culture Center Takatori

1-1-28 Takatori, Sawara-ward, Fukuoka-city

(Sunny Supermarket 2F)

Tel.: 092-822-1132

monthly course (4 times a month)

price: ¥ 4,752

Intermediate: Tuesdays, 11:00~12:00

       Thursdays, 19:30~20:30


Beginner: Mondays, 19:30~20:30

      Tuesday, 19:30~20:30

              or  Tuesdays, 11:00~12:00           

Beginners can join any time! Trial lesson ¥500.

Please bring indoor shoes.

 Private Lessons   

For private lessons we have the following offers for you:


Culture Center Takatori

       sunnysupermarket2F 1-1-28 Sawara-ward,Fukuoka-city

✪ Lesson Price (60 minutes)

 ¥4500 for one person

   ¥4000 for two, per person

✪ How to apply?

 Please use the contact form



Let's Enjoy  Swing Dance  Performances

 We'd like to do Swing  Dance performances in old people's hospitals, area festivals & events in Fukuoka city and Kyusyu...We love to dance and share Swing Dance with other people. You can also book us for marriage ceremonies or other events.

Culture Center Takatori

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