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Q: What should I bring to the classes?
A: Please bring a towel, something to drink and just possibly change clothes for afterwards.
Q: Do I need dance shoes / What kind of shoes do I need?
A: You need indoor schoes. Of course dance schoes are  very good, but not required. You can wear sneakers and any kind of schoes which are not too sticky with the dance floor. Shoes with soft rubber soles and especially high heels are not suitable for swing dance. The best are flat schoes with either leather soles or a not too soft synthetic material.
Q: Which clothes are best to wear for Swing Dance?
A: Please wear something in which you can move comfortably and in which you'll not sweat  too much. Casual or sportswear is ok. We promise you that you'll not feel cold! Don't wear long underwear, wool sweaters, turtleneck pullovers or alike. Clothes shoudn't be too tight and sticky. For pair dance we recommend followers and leaders to wear something with sleeve. It can be a short sleeve. Backless dresses are not suitable. Too wide sleeves and necklaces are also not for the pleasure of your leader... For Swing dance parties it's of course great if you can dress up in 1920ties to 1940ties fashion but you don't have to do that for our classes :-)
Q: As a woman can I also learn to lead?
A: Yes you can!
Q: As a man can I also learn to follow?
A: Yes you can!
Q: Can I come alone to the dance courses and workshops?
A: Yes, of course. You can come alone, with a friend or partner or with your family member
   (s), everything is ok.
Q: Do you teach Swing Dance for children, too?
A: We do not offer courses for children only yet. Please bring a statement of agreement with your registration. If you have any question, please contact us.

Q: Where can I get Swing Dance fashion?
A: In Fukuoka you can find a lot of second hand shops which sell vintage clothes from the
1920's to 1950's. Our favorites are Happy Hunting Ground (HHG) at Daimyo.


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